Both Sandy and I will post on here!

Sandy and I wanted you to know that we both will be posting on this site with updates and thoughts on what is going on with life. many people through social media doesn’t get to hear Sandy much as she’s always been in the background but she’s agreed with Living Our Story to be more in the front like me.

I am sure that I will post more than her because it’s just what I do, I love to write. This is out of her comfort zone and I am so proud of her because in 2017 already, she’s moved out of her comfort zone on several fronts already.

She even led our small group in a marriage study. a few years ago, that would have never happened so I am proud of the growth that I am seeing in her. This is what makes her a powerful wife, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone and she is proving that she can do that.

She does make being her husband so easy because how can I not do what’s right? She’s an amazing woman, wife, and mom who I am proud to grow old with her!

Chris Benton

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