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We have our hands in a lot of things so I will just post some things plus as we grow financially, we will add more to us. As you read through all of this, you may say this seems like a lot but it’s not really especially with us being a 24/7 family! We have so much to do with our lives and we want you to know that God has some great things for you too!

We run several advertising websites with The Coastal Buzz @ The First Coast Life being two of them. The First Coast Life is dedicated to bringing you positive news throughout Northeast Florida. The Coastal Buzz is dedicated to bringing you positive news throughout Savannah and Charleston areas. Both sites number 1 rule is no negative rules.

Our main company is Positive Life Media and we want to be a positive influence in the world no matter what we do in life.

We are working on developing our testimony so that we can tell our story at churches and groups. As I went through 19 years of addictions, the first 5 years of our marriage, I was still dealing with them and Sandy went through a lot. We have a fairy-tale story but also a story of overcoming because of those addictions. God healed me on Dec 26rh, 2007 of the addictions so that is a story in itself.

We want to save marriages before they divorce because there is HOPE in Christ. We are living proof what Christ can do in a marriage when both people fully surrender to him. This is why we are launching a marriage ministry called “Inspired Marriage“.

We are in the process of writing 2 books right now. One is called “A Changed Heart” which is about my addictions. The other is called “Inspired Marriage” which of course is about having an inspired marriage.

Last but not least we are also part of a great direct sales company. We chose Vasayo because of the Christian foundation of the company plus the CEO / Owner has launched and built 2 different direct sales companies that did over a billion in sales. he has done it before and he’s ready to do it again!

We will start selling merchandise from this site soon too. be on the lookout. We will market other peoples products and ours too!

Why direct sales? Our goal is to build a foundation there so that we will be able to fund all of our projects that we want to do for God. It takes time and money to do God’s work and we feel that a direct sales business is a perfect fit to help us on our crazy journey.

We will also have a place on this site where if you just wanted to donate, you can do that. Everything we do is about the power of God in our lives. We believe our story will resonate with people and that is the people that God wants us to reach. We can’t reach everyone and we are not supposed to. Our goal and mission is to reach the people that God wants us to reach and show others that they can do that too if they just say “YES” to God!

Just say God, I am here, use me now! Then look out what will come your way if you are fully open to his guiding! That is all we are doing and as you learn our testimonial, you will see that all we did was step out on Faith! You can too!

Living Our Story,

Chris & Sandy Benton

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We have had a crazy story since we have been married over 15 years. From the moment we married, we have pretty much been a 24/7 couple and now a 24/7 family with Lil Chris who is 5. We want to use this website to share some of our experiences from God to family to life and business. We want to help people see that they have an adventure inside of them, they just have to find it and run with it. We are not meant to live a dull life but an adventurous life.

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