What is it Like Being a 24/7 Family – Part1?

When we first married and I told people that we were a 24/7 couple, I had so many people give me advice and some very bad advice too. I heard so many difference in opinions but one opinion stuck out and that is if my wife and I stayed like that for too long, we would eventually grow apart and divorce. I heard this from many well-meaning people too.

First I would like to say being a 24/7 family is NOT for everyone. It has its benefits for sure and you have to sacrifice too but thats a given with any marriage.

As I look back on our 14 years of marriage, I truly believe that we are together today because we have been a 24/7 family. You see, back in our first 5 years of marriage, I was going through my addictions and they had such a stronghold on me. I believe that if we spent time apart, it would have given many women to try and talk Sandy out of this marriage because she deserved better.

They would have been right as she deserved better but where they would have been wrong is that they would have told her I won’t change. God knew my heart and he was working on me through all of that.

Be us being a 24/7 couple back then, it made us stronger through all of that. We got to struggle together. We learned so much about each other through all that and we grew so much until the day I finally allowed God to heal my heart of those addictions.

So here we are now over 14 years of marriage and I have been sober since 2007, what’s it like now? It has been one of the most amazing times of my life. I can’t imagine life without my amazing wife. Think about this, if your spouse passed away tomorrow, what would be your number 1 regret? The odds are the number 1 regret would be that you didn’t spend enough time with your spouse.

I can’t have that regret because we are together 24/7. Yes, we have a few times here and there where she is not with me somewhere but that is few and in between. In fact, we figure in the 14 years of marriage, we have spent less than 1500 hours apart and it may even be less than 1000 hours in that time.

People always say that older people who have been married 30+ years start to look alike and act just alike as they get older. I feel we are already seeing that because we act so much alike now except we do have opposite personalities. She’s laid back and I am open so we make one awesome team.

We can almost read each other minds and it’s so scary but cool at the same time. You would not believe how much we think alike now but that is why we don’t fight because 99% of the time we are on the same page with every issue and it’s not that I get my way and Sandy bows to it, she stands up when she thinks I am wrong. We discuss it from that point but we think so much alike now it is awesome.

If you are working on becoming a 24/7 family, one of the biggest things you will have to overcome is communication. See, when you work 60-70 hours a week and never together, you don’t really need to communicate but when you are together all the time, you have to learn communication or it will destroy both of you.

I married my wife to be with her and that is what we are doing. We have created a life that we can do that and yes we both know there will be times that we will be apart but for the most part, we will stay a 24/7 family as much as we can.

For us, this has been such a blessing and we can’t imagine life any other way. My last point is that we would never push the idea of being a 24/7 family on anyone but we guarantee you, if you find a way to become that and you do it right, it can become some of the most fulfilling years of your life. It sure has been for us!

Look for part 2 of this coming soon!

Living Our Story,

Chris Benton

P.S. As we grow this site, you will get to read more of our story from each other’s point of view!

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We have had a crazy story since we have been married over 14 years. From the moment we married, we have pretty much been a 24/7 couple and now a 24/7 family with Lil Chris who is 5. We want to use this website to share some of our experiences from God to family to life and business. We want to help people see that they have an adventure inside of them, they just have to find it and run with it. We are not meant to live a dull life but an adventurous life.

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