What is it Like Being a 24/7 Family – Part 2?

I decided to make a part 2 to this post because of a couple more things. Also, It has been a little time since I posted part 1 but I will talk about why in another blog of something that held us back some.

Now on to this post. When it comes to our marriage, we love to keep the bedroom spicy so being a 24/7 family has helped with this because it can be the middle of the day and if either of us get in that kind of mood, we can take some time away n the day to go back to the bedroom and do anything we choose. Sometimes we just talk and sometimes more but the flexibility of working from home and being a 24/7 family makes this possible.

We don’t have to wait until both of us are so tired that neither of us wants to do something because of working all day. We can choose when we do anything and then get back to working.

Another issue that I love being a 24/7 family is that my son is 5 years old now and both of us has seen every milestone of him so far. It has been such a blessing to be able to do this because we know most people can’t so we never take this for granted.

So much of our life is done together and to us we would have it no other way. I hear many people tell us how lucky we are and to a degree they are right but we have sacrificed a ton to live like this.

Sometimes our finances take a hit because of this life. It’s not always been easy and as we are building a business and brand right now, it’s still not easy yet but we manage to make it work. We don’t get to do a lot of things that others do, we live a modest lifestyle right now so that we can keep moving forward until one of our businesses take off.

You see most people sacrifice their time with family in order to live a pretty good lifestyle, we sacrifice living a pretty good lifestyle so that we can have our time together. Both you and us sacrifice, we just choose to sacrifice in a different way.

We do believe though all this sacrifice is worth it for the family plus we believe things are starting to change with our business and looks like 2018 will be our strongest year to date. 2017 we also believe will end strong as we keep growing but 2018 will be our first 6 figure year and we are so excited about that.

2017 may get close to 6 figures but I don’t think we will quite get there this year. We are on track with how we live and we look forward to helping other live this kind of life too as we grow!

There are so many advantages to being a 24/7 family but I wanted to hit a few of the more powerful ones. We live our life the way we choose to and hope that we can live like this the rest of our lives.

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Chris Benton

P.S. We hope that we will be able to bring our life to you in a way that makes you want to live your own life! That is what life is all about!

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We have had a crazy story since we have been married over 14 years. From the moment we married, we have pretty much been a 24/7 couple and now a 24/7 family with Lil Chris who is 5. We want to use this website to share some of our experiences from God to family to life and business. We want to help people see that they have an adventure inside of them, they just have to find it and run with it. We are not meant to live a dull life but an adventurous life.

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