Ephesians 5:21 – Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ

It saddens me to see so many couples struggle in marriage especially when many times just small tweaks to how they interact with each other can change everything.
So many fights that couples have, they are not really fighting each other but their experiences from their past. When someone acts a certain way, if you dig deep into their past, you will find why they have that fall up or why they say some of the things they say today.
We can’t as husbands and wives erase the past but we can use it to learn about each other so that before we press those red buttons, we will think.
The longer you are married, the more you know which buttons hurt your spouse and it’s up to you not to push those buttons if you love him or her.
This is a huge part of communication that as you grow together, you will learn what to do.
With this verse you both are submitting to each other. Not out of love for each other but out of love and respect you have for God. This is not an option if you have a Christ-Centered marriage. If you don’t have a Christ-Centered marriage then this verse won’t mean anything to you.
You can’t say you love God but won’t abide by submitting to your spouse and their desires. This one verse can change everything in your marriage when you have both people doing that.
Your marriage done God’s way is supposed to be in harmony but sadly many marriages are nothing but a nightmare. You and your spouse can change that by first submitting to God and fully surrendering to him then fully submitting to each other!
This is one of the reasons we are writing our book “Broken Together“. To help couples guide the path from their past. We believe our book will breakthrough the walls to help you understand why your spouse does some of the things they do and how the two of you can come together through all of it.
Living Our Story,
Chris Benton
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