Hurricane Irma Has Now Passed

We made it through Hurricane Irma here in Pooler GA. We decided to ride it out because of we were only supposed to get 40-60 wind gusts and thats about what we got from this. Some people thought we were crazy but we also were not stupid, we were watching the storm very closely and would have left sometime on Sunday if we felt like it was going to be worse than that but we were more confident then.

We also would not have ridden the storm out if we were in a storm surge area, The islands and downtown Savannah did get hit pretty good with flooding. That was to be expected.

Those of us that choose to live along the coast, this is just a way of life for us.

We lost power at 3 PM on Monday and got it back on this morning at around 9 PM so we lost power for only 18 hours so that wasn’t bad. We did lose our A/C through the storm though. We are not sure whats wrong so we have to get someone over here to check it out. We hope the unit isn’t completely out but we have a feeling it is.

As we read many facebook posts, we realize that many of our Jacksonville friends got hit pretty hard even though they were on the east coast of Florida and not the west coast of Florida. That shows how powerful this storm really was.

I have friends in Atlanta and Charlotte who right now have no power because of Irma. It was such a HUGE storm.

Yes we chose to ride this out but we did it in a calculated way. I have been in Savannah for over 30 years so I know what we can handle and what areas can handle what.

We just wanted to update people on what all happened with us through the storm. We didn’t lose much but there are people that lost everything so we are prayer for those folks.

We may only lost an A/C unit but some people lost their lives. We hope that many people can keep all this in perspective before they post stupid things about all this on facebook. The storm could have been so much worse so we thank God that it calmed way down before it hit the U.S.

Living Our Story,

Chris Benton

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